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  • Mar102021

    Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

    The Integrated Water Resources Management proposes a broad approach to the natural, social, demographic, and economic elements at the basin…

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  • Mar022021

    When migratory catfishes go up the river

    The Amazon Basin is home to more than 2000 fish species, each with unique characteristics. Among them are the “Goliath”…

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  • Feb122021

    Challenges in the management of Brazilian wetlands: Negro and Juruá Rivers

    Wetlands are flooded land areas. In the rainy seasons, water is usually plentiful there, but its level decreases when drought…

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  • Feb122021

    Freshwater: a vital resource to be understood, valued, and protected

    Although Latin America has 31% of the planet’s freshwater sources, by 2050 it will be one of the most affected…

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  • Feb112021

    Traditional and scientific knowledge for the environmental management of the Amazon Basin

    About 400 indigenous peoples live in the Amazon, which is why it is said that this is an indigenous territory…

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  • Sep092020

    WCS’s Dr. Michael Goulding Will Be Awarded Today the Prestigious 2020 Parker/Gentry Award For Conservation Contributions

    Said Cristián Samper, President and CEO of WCS, who will be speaking at the virtual event: “At WCS, we are…

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  • May072019

    Three Methods to Learn about Fish Migrations in the Amazon

    The Amazon River, from its headwaters in the Andes to its mouth in the Atlantic, runs at least 5,000 kilometers.…

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  • Feb142019

    The Complex History of Amazonian Water

    The Amazon may seem homogeneous at first glance. Yet it only takes a little bit of time in this lush…

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  • Nov152018

    The Hidrovía Amazónica: Who Wins and Who Pays?

    The hidrovía amazónica, or Amazon waterway project, proposes to dredge in thirteen malos pasos, or difficult spots where it is…

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  • May302018

    Urgent action for conservation of the dorado in the Madera Basin

    Product of several authors in a workshop after the First Bolivian Ichthyology Congress held in Cochabamba: Policy Brief

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